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Who WE are.

We are a Houston, TX based production company comprised of a group of creative souls committed to making a difference through the art of storytelling.


We believe in developing our actors holistically, as individuals and as artists,  for how can one truly convey emotions and tell stories effectively if he/she is unable to feel?


Through the art of storytelling, we "live life on stage" to have a positive effect in the lives of those who experience our craft.

Our films and live productions are powerful and thought-provoking
We are honest in our approach, committed to making a difference on and offstage, in front of and behind the camera,  for the audience and ourselves. 
We are authentic in our approach. We are passionate about production, acting and life.

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Need entertainment for your community, conference, seminar, special occasion or ministry event?


From full length stage productions to skits, human videos, short films, commercials and more, we have something in our repertoire for you.

Acting Workshops

Would you like to host an acting workshop with your organization? We can come to you!


EBP also hosts acting workshops in the Greater Houston area. Follow us on social media for information regarding upcoming workshops near you.

Drama TEAM

Interested in starting a Drama Team? We can help!

Our staff is comprised of qualified individuals with decades of experience. Let us create a time of training, specific to your needs.


Here are some of the topics we may cover with you:

  • How to Host Auditions

  • How to Run Rehearsal

  • Acting 101

  • Drama and Ministry

  • And More!


about Erin B.

Having gone through many challenges, from cancer treatment, to the death of a child, miscarriages, divorce and more, Erin L. Burnett learned that the stage was a healthy outlet for healing and overcoming the difficulties one might face in life. During her darkest hour she discovered that if she were able to become vulnerable enough to openly feel what some may deem as the “negative” emotions she once tried to suppress, she could work through frustrations, guilt, shame, defeat, hurt and more.


In one of her most trying seasons, after an exhausting emotional performance in a stage play, Erin experienced a euphoric sensation of peace after releasing the emotional burdens she had been carrying in the performance. That is when she coined Erin B. Productions’ mantra, “Leave it all on the stage…”



At an early age Erin was a natural performer. She began singing for large audiences at the age of 7 and writing music at the tender age of 9. She performed in numerous stage productions and won various vocal competitions and talent shows before discovering her untapped ability to write, direct and produce stage and filmed productions in her early twenties. Erin is grateful to say that her work has been viewed by thousands both nationally and abroad. Her time in the entertainment industry as a playwright, screenwriter, director, actress and singer has afforded her the opportunity to work with many acclaimed artists.


As the Founder and CEO of Erin B. Productions, Erin’s goal is to help liberate the lives of those who may be bound by circumstance through art and storytelling.



Tel: 832-855-7749

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As an actor, you are taught to draw from life experiences to create a believable character. Erin stretched me to new levels of vulnerability by being so vulnerable and transparent as a writer and director. She pushed me to play a lead role that I didn't even know I was ready for.  


I received my Bachelors in theatre arts. I have been acting since 2008, and I have been acting with Erin B. since 2013. Erin is an extremely gifted and anointed playwright who works hard and is a wonderful person to be around. She is patient with her actors but firm. She helped to teach me better ways to emote and in working with her I was able to hone my skills as an actor to an even greater level.  If you have the pleasure of working with her you will see the God filled individual that she is, and in turn will inspire you to be better, try harder, and believe in yourself more. 


Erin B. Productions hosted an acting workshop that was enjoyable and beneficial. The team was able to create an environment that allowed the actors to be comfortable while receiving very helpful instruction and much needed feedback. I believe all who attended the workshop left feeling encouraged and better equipped with techniques that will aid in further acting pursuits.


I attended an EBP play. The play was fantastic!! The message was great and I laughed.... HARD! I want to see it again!


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